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Thanks for considering a Spur Strap puppy! The philosophy here is simple- Raise healthy, happy puppies that have great bloodlines, structure, type, and temperaments. All parent dogs have completed a full panel of genetic testing to ensure that your puppy has the best genetic health available.

Puppies are whelped inside and remain there until 4-5 weeks of age. After this time they are moved to the barn and puppy pen where they have more room to move about and strengthen their legs as they learn to walk and play. Puppies are handled daily from birth and exposed to many different stimuli. Puppies are exposed to different sounds and surfaces, both of which are very important to the development of a young puppy’s mind and confidence.

At 5 weeks puppies are allowed to run in the puppy pen which includes many different toys and surfaces. Puppies are exposed to grass, gravel, linoleum, marble, wood chips, carpet, uneven surfaces, raised surfaces, a wobble board, baths, a loud air dryer, and even a small pool.

As puppies grow they are also introduced to adult dogs. This is a very important part of the puppy's social skills. They learn very quickly the proper way to greet other dogs and respect boundaries.

Spur Strap is an advocate of crate training and because of this crate training is started when puppies are about 6 weeks of age. Puppies are not yet house trained for you, but this process gives new owners a head start in potty training. From day one, puppies will be comfortable in a crate in your home.

Puppies are sold on spay/neuter agreements and are ready for their new homes after 8 weeks of age. The goal is that puppy buyers have a positive experience bringing home their new family member. Spur Strap is here to help you every step of the way.

Spur Strap puppies are fed the highest quality pet foods available. Formulated by award winning, Veterinarian Dr Jane Bicks, DVM. You may purchase your puppy's All Life Stages and Wellness Supplement right here or get everything you need to give your puppy the best care with a Healthy Start Pack!




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