Ashleigh's Story: Nicole brought another wonderful litter into this world. My husband and I had been wanting to get a young pup, as our beloved labrador is 13. We had always admired the Australian Shepherd, but couldn't justify a standard size Aussie in our apartment. Nicole's minis are some of the only miniature Australian Shepherds I have seen that actually look like an Australian Shepherd. Structure, type, substance, color, temperament - Nicole doesn't cut corners with her dogs. We decided to bring home Jayce, one of the boys from her litter in April. This has been one of the smoothest, stress free puppies I've handled/cared for. No abnormalities, no health issues(knock on wood), no aggression, no marking. It didn't take long before Jayce was sleeping throughout the night, and knew what we meant when we said "crate." We only had 4 total accidents, and 3 of which I would say were my fault. Very happy little guy who is open to new experiences. Very good for our first puppy together, it was easy to train Jayce due to his intelligence, drive, and forgiving nature. Nicole did a great job in assisting us in our choice. She listened to our needs and desires and we have exactly what we asked for. We couldn't be more happy with our puppy Jayce(who is now 7months old), and excited to see what a handsome, well mannered adult he will become.


Kathleen's Story: My fiancé and I began searching for a reputable Miniature Aussie breeder in 2015 with the hope that we would have a happy Mini Aussie puppy in 2016. We came upon Spur Strap Minis and contacted Nicole immediately, and she replied the next day! We were drawn to Spur Strap because of the award winning dogs she breeds, how healthy and happy they appear, they are genetically guaranteed, etc. If we were going to pay for a dog, we wanted to make sure that we were getting exactly what we wanted. The 5 month wait for our puppy was completely worth it. Bear (Formerly known as Cleveland) is unlike any puppy I've ever been around. He is currently 11 weeks old and knows how to sit and lay. He rarely has an accident in the house. He is loyal to a fault and makes sure our little family is herded to wherever we need to go. He loves to run through sprinklers and enjoys barrel rolling down grassy hills. He is such a blessing to our family. Our 4 year old son is in love with Bear and offers to pick up his poop every time we go outside! I don't think there has ever been a more loved dog. I would recommend Spur Strap Minis to anyone looking for a mini aussie! Thank you so much!

Michelle's Story: I hope your holidays were fantastic! I thought you'd enjoy these photos (attached) of Lucca, which we took right after a recent snow. She's definitely a water dog, and snow is no exception. She LOVES it! Lucca is doing very well. She has such a wonderful little temperament. She always enjoys: a good run, curling up on anything soft and snuggly, playing fetch and jumping, standing guard on our back porch, chewing apart little rope toys, having a massage, and she especially being with Kylee. She also is a great listener, always tilting her little head back and forth to the side, as if she's hanging onto every word. Sooo cute! Lucca seems to particularly enjoy accompanying me when I am picking the kids up from school. Now that the weather is nice, I park right next to the school and I roll front passenger side window part-way down for Lucca, so she can sniff the air, and she sits there at attention in that passenger seat. The school kids love her. They walk by next to the car and she doesn't even make a peep. She doesn't growl, or bark, she just looks at them and waits for my kids and then she perks those little ears up and waits for them to get in the car and then she darts on back to the back seats because she wants to sit right next to them. It's really precious. Lucca is still very athletic and she's fast! She loves to speed around the yard! She has a favorite doggie toy that is a stuffed dolly of sorts. She loves that thing! It squeeks when she puts it in her mouth and she carries it all over the house. I say to her "do you want your dolly?" and she gets so excited her little bum starts wigglin' as if she just can't wait to get her doll. She is so much fun to have around. I'm really thankful we have our little Lucca.

Emily's Story: We dreamed of having a puppy from the moment we got married and always knew it would be a mini Aussie. We love their character for being energetic and smart as well as being way too cute. When it was finally feasible for us to start our puppy family, we went to Nicole first. Her dogs have been in our extended and immediate family for years and we love every single Spur Strap. Nicole ensures quality companions, which is exactly what we were looking for. We have Finley (previously Luke) and Hugo (previously Callaway). Finley we got just over a year ago and he has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives by being so outgoing and loving towards every creature he comes into contact with. Hugo just came to us a few weeks ago with the newest litter as a co-own. He is sweet and cuddly and a perfect little brother to Finley. He is so smart and is already telling us when he needs to potty by sitting at the back door. Both our boys are amazing. They love to play in our backyard with Hugo chasing Finley around and running through the sprinkler. Finley loves walks and hikes and we can't wait for Hugo to get a little older to start taking him along too! No doubt in my mind that I would recommend Spur Straps to anyone who wants an amazing Aussie (and we already have!) - You will definitely find them here. Thanks to Nicole for being so easy to work with and readily available for any questions; she is a dedicated breeder. We LOVE Spur Straps!!!

Jenna's Story: With two young children at home, my husband and I spent many hours researching just the right breed for our family but the hard part was finding a good breeder. After speaking to Nicole, we knew we had found the perfect breeder to work with. Jax has been with our family for almost a year now and is THE best dog ever. He is so loyal, so loving and so much fun. He loves the water (playing the backyard pool with my kids or playing in the river/lake) and hikes. He will sit at our feet while we watch tv or run along side us as we bike. He loves to play fetch and going for runs. He basically came to us crate trained (which means he rarely had accidents in our house) and never barks. He is the most friendliest dog I know and he is pretty darn cute too. He is my children's best friend and will play outside with them for hours. We are so grateful for Spurs Strap Aussies for finding the most perfect dog for our family. Side note: when you bring home a dog from Spurs Strap, not only do you get an awesome and loyal dog, but you also get the help and care from Nicole. She has taught us so much and is always available to help us. We love being a part of the Spurs Strap family!

Webler Family: Just wanted to drop a line to you with a recent picture of Gus (Augustus) we got from you three years ago while we were at the Rapid City Stock Show. Gus is great!! Still a fantastic family dog, but now that our son is almost 2 years old we have seen a wonderful bond forming. Hugs and naps are a regular occurrence between the two but he most recently has begun trying to ride on Gus's back! Lots of great memories behind but so many more ahead with Gus & our family.  Much thanks and hope you have been well.


Linda's Story:I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Brady has been.  It's been a busy summer for him (and us too!).  We took Brady on a large family vacation to South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore.  He's a great car traveler and seemed thrilled to have all of his people confined with him!  We did lots of hiking and fishing and he did great (no interest in swimming however).  He also came to a church family camp outside of Grandby where he enjoyed playing with other dogs and generally enjoyed the whole camping experience.
    More than once, Mike has commented that we couldn't have found a better dog for our family and I couldn't agree more.  We're really grateful to have found him and to have had all of your help.  If you come across another dog with a similar temperament that might be a good companion and playmate for Brady, do let us know.

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Amy's Story: I still have Nigel! He is the best dog. He's doing great. Really healthy. Current on all immunizations. And he literally has the best personality of any dog I've met. I cannot tell you enough of how grateful I am that I got him through you. I always tell my boyfriend that Nige is my #1....he keeps asking how he can become my #1, but that won't ever happen. Hahaha :) He's been backpacking a lot hiking, running, snowshoeing, etc.
Seriously Nicole, I don't know what I'd do without him. He's my best buddy.