Resist the temptation to purchase a puppy on impulse. This is a 10-15 year commitment and your responsibility as a pet owner should not be taken lightly. It is important to make a few preparations several days before your puppy arrives.

LEASH AND COLLAR-Depending on your puppy’s age, it is likely that your he will not be trained to walk on a leash without protesting. It is important to fit your new puppy with a well fitted collar and have a leash available. Leash training tips.

LONG LINE-this is a very lightweight leash. It can be made very inexpensively by purchasing about 20 feet of light weight parachute cord and a snap from your local hardware store. This will give your puppy more freedom, but is a vital tool in teaching your puppy to come. Use this long line to keep your puppy within sight around the house. photo

CRATE-Make sure to have a crate ready for your new puppy. There are two kinds of crates that are suitable for puppies. The hard crate is very durable and is most like a den. The top and bottom are secured with screws and the crate can be disassembled for transport or storage. The wire crate is lightweight and easy to travel with. If you plan on taking your puppy over night where you will need his crate, consider this option. Remember to purchase the correct size for your puppy. Ask your breeder for their recommendation. The crate size will need to purchase will be determined by the estimated mature size of your puppy. If you are shipping your puppy in via the airlines, he will already come with a crate. This crate will be a hard crate as per airline regulations. You will not need to purchase an additional crate until the puppy out grows the one he is shipped in.

BOWLS-You will need two. One for food and one for fresh water. Keep water available at all times for your puppy. Choose your bowls’ material and design per your personal preference. Even old tupperware work fine!

FOOD-All Spur Straps dogs are fed a high quality dog food from A week before your puppy comes home, you will want to order the food and wellness supplement so they arrive in time.